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As a bilingual professional photographer fluent in Italian and English, my canvas stretches from the historic streets of Venice to the vibrant scenes of Budapest and beyond, embracing Europe and the Balkans with my lens. My expertise lies in crafting images for both editorial and commercial use, adapting effortlessly to diverse environments. My approach is one of calm focus, ensuring each shot captures the essence needed for your articles, campaigns, or books.

I pursue a naturalistic approach in photography, aiming to reveal the inherent beauty of a scene in its unedited glory. The equipment I use, from digital to film cameras, is merely a means to an end. After all, it's not the camera that makes the image, but the photographer. The essence of an image is born from imagination, not the technicalities of gear like lens sharpness or sensor size.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have what I deem a spectacular profession. My work involves creating editorial and commercial lifestyle imagery for leading agencies, including Getty Images, and a wide array of commercial clients. Collaborating with talented individuals—assistants, models, producers, stylists—and organizations worldwide enables me to bring visions to life and contribute to brand storytelling.

My photography has earned a place in the permanent collections of select museums and has been featured in numerous global exhibitions.

Beyond capturing moments, I am passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiring others. I regularly host workshops in Venice, Ljubljana, and Budapest, guiding enthusiasts and professionals alike in exploring the art and craft of photography.

Awards, Publications, Exhibitions etc

My work is being published on a regular basis internationally on a variety of newspapers, magazines, and books. Recent customers include: Vogue, Guardian, Vanity Fair, New York Times, HOLA, Fabian Society, New Statesman, The Scotsman, Radio Times, CBS, The Herald, Matin, Grazia Magazine, The Scotsman, The Times, Hello, Financial Times, Gente, National Geographic, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, MSN, The Independent, OK, Readers Digest, Eastern Eye, Newsweek, PC World Magazine, Metro, YOUR, Paris Match, Bild Am Sonntag…… Commercial Customers include: Esplanade Hotel Zagreb, Union Hotel, LG, Muse, P&O, DB Schenker, Disney, Matsch Man, Nissan, Infiniti, East Dance, Orange, Puma, Dubai Duty Free, McGraw Hill, Mercedes, Braemar Games Ltd, Scottish Venison, O2, Trinity Newspapers, Edinburgh MELA, Neco Design – Punt Disseny – NordNet – Azur Creation – JJet Enterprises Inc – Canvas Town – Travelex – Amansi Products – L’attitude 90 – Privatarztliche Praxis Quast – Endurit Gmbh – G+T – Spirit Magazine – One Published Limited

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  • Michael
  • Feb 14, 2024
  • Marco gave us a very interesting and entertaining talk, and a real insight into the working life of a professional news photographer with a top agency. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • PC
  • Jun 18, 2021
  • It was very interesting to hear about the day of a news photographer in London and MS certainly got some great shots in what must sometimes be crowded and fast moving situations. I really enjoyed his work from Slovenia and other Eastern European countries. Would make me want to visit! The only downside was the live stream did freeze a lot and I had to keep reloading the page. I am on a very fast fibre connection so maybe it was to do with where Marco was streaming from?

  • Elli
  • Jun 17, 2021
  • Great pictures, informativ

  • David
  • Jun 17, 2021
  • Wonderful event thank you very much for hosting. MS gave a great talk and presented some fantastic images from his Getty Images career as well as Slovenia.

  • Gary
  • Jun 17, 2021
  • A very interesting presentation with some useful tips and advice. Thanks for answering the questions and I hope I might catch up with MS in his neck of the woods in the future.