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I love to expose stories of the world because I have always maintained that there is a wonderful story within each of us to be told, especially with portrait photography about attractive, charismatic and true people. Anyone in front of my lens has the feeling of being important and part of a story.
Since 2004 I have covered as a freelance correspondent commissioned events in South Africa, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Nigeria, Benin, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Finland, Bulgaria. I also come from a long fashion and advertising working period as the discipline of studio sessions turned into documentary and social reports and this cut is my peculiar progress on comunication with photography, the fill-rouge in every commission.

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Accredited to the United Nations and editor since 2000, I have collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Defense, and the Office of the Chief of Staff of Defense. In Italy I published my first book in 2004 on the problem of communication through the eyes of people living with HIV titled THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE, Ed. Marna, the proceeds of which have helped to disseminate the content and the fight against AIDS. In 2009 with Syrian poet Maram al Masri I realised the photographic book WOMEN LIKE ME, Ed. Liberodiscrivere.
My work as a commercial photographer has been published in numerous Italian and foreign press publications as well as fashion magazines, mainly in Vanity Fair, also of Casa Vogue, IO Donna, Style, The newspaper, Avvenire, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Vanity Fair Germany, Famiglia Cristiana, Flair, Private, Max, E & F, Kult, PAP in May, Posh.
My work carried out for companies in the advertising field such as La Classica Srl., Design and Digital Spa., Aprilia Eyewear, Look Occhiali, Red Rose, Chesterfield, led me to concentrate every aspect of communication in the message addressed to the target audience to reach.
Recent commitment of hay social campaign the exhibition sponsored by the City of Milan, HEAD OR TALE challenge in which rages on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
In 2009 I published a photographic book about the Syrian poet Maram Al Masri "Le Donne Come Me" Ed. Liberodiscrivere.
I am now collaborating with Corriere della Sera Style Mags. and leading personal art direction projects .

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