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I have lived in New York for my entire life. Like many Manhattanites, I am a terrible driver and cook, but an excellent navigator. I have been practicing the art of street photography since I first picked up a camera. I have worked as a portrait, studio, and documentary photographer in New York since 2005.
I have taught street photography to thousands of students of all skill levels and written for many photography magazines as well as eight of the top ten largest photography educational websites in the world.
I have completed four documentary projects and have worked with companies worldwide.

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I am a certified New York photography tour and workshop guide, and the author of The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide and The Essentials of Street Photography.

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  • Richard
  • Aug 5, 2021
  • JM provided a ton of useful information. While I also love street photography, I appreciated his real world talk. I have seen so many presentations by top-of-the-line photographers that are almost always a show-and-tell of their photographs in some exotic location around the world where the everyday photographer can not visit. His advice to me was spot on, and I was glad I learned I too incorporate the same ideals and practices he talked about. Thank you for arranging this noteworthy photo learning session.

    Hello Suzanne,
    Richard Thomson

  • Peter
  • Aug 5, 2021
  • Great, informative and clear presentation from a strong communicator and a great selection of images - both his own and fellow photographers - to highlight the points he made.