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Action film, drama, comedy?
For me, life is a film.
Photography allows me to meet the characters among the extras.
It allows me to detect the incredible settings of adventure films beyond the greyness of everyday life.
Finally, it allows me to question my own role in the film of my life.
A film whose script often escapes me and whose mysterious director remains unknown.
Only one thing is certain, this is an adventure film where the characters have some serious characters!

Born in the Alps, I have travelled a lot.
It is during my travels that I learned photography.
Companies, weddings, books, photography courses... I am interested in any subject as long as it has the scent of adventure.
I am the director of a publishing company and a Mountain Leader.
I have taught photography to over 500 people.

Awards, Publications, Exhibitions etc

Co-author of a number of books including Chatreuse, secrete et savage (2018), Isere, terre de contrastes (2016) and Isere Intemporelle (2010)

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