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Your photo tour leader started her professional life as a sociologist before using photography as a means to communicate the stories she was seeing and re-orientating herself as a photojournalist. captures the true moments in life from behind the lens.
Curious to see if the text book theories applied to the real world., Suzanne took to the road until a boating accident left her spine so damaged, doctors feared she may never walk again. It was during the years of rehabilitation, that she picked up a camera for the first time. Desperate for a solution to the chronic pain, she headed to the African sun, armed with a Canon Eos 5 and a huge bag of film.

The images Suzanne captured during a stay on a tobacco farm in Zimbabwe during the land invasions of 2000, formed her first exhibition at the Zimbabwe High Commission in London. Tipped as a ‘Shooting Star’ by the British Journal of Photography, Suzanne has since worked with international humanitarian organisations such as WaterAid, CARE, and Médecins Sans Frontières; her images bringing awareness to major social issues and gracing the covers of international newspapers and magazines. Her photos and video from ‘To the Beat of the Desert’, a film documentary with the Touareg tribe in the deserts of Mali, lead to the ‘Secrets of the Sahara’ at the prestigious British Museum in 2005.

Now a mother to a young daughter and based in France, Suzanne splits her time between running her Photo Experiences in Morocco and selling her photographs as PhotoArt. The French interior designer Jacques Garcia, selecting her Moroccan portraits to line the walls of La Mamounia following the iconic hotel’s renovation.

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  • Cathy
  • Oct 14, 2019
  • Suzanne and her team at clik-trip photo provide an excellent photo experience. Suzanne lived in Marrakech for several years and knows the city inside & out. She takes you to all the back ally ways/ beautiful archways/ provides great feedback and helps w/your photography ensuring you get the photos you want. Suzanne is friendly & very professional. Well worth the price to see and photograph Marrakech with someone who really knows what she is doing. Highly recommend Suzanne or anyone that works with her.

  • Kathryn
  • Jul 31, 2019
  • A highlight of my journey throughout Morocco were the two days I spent with Suzanne in Marrakesh. She is a gifted photographer, an inspirational instructor, and an incredibly knowledgable tour guide. I was even sent back to my hotel with a homework assignment. In addition to guiding me on the roads less traveled by tourists, she also introduced me to many locals who were more then happy to have their portraits taken. We spent quite some time standing at one of the entrances into the medina where I was able to photograph a variety of Moroccans from different walks of life as they entered or exited the city. We also spent time in a tannery capturing the scene as well as the different workmen. As we wondered through the medina and souk we often had to fight our way around the donkeys, carts, motorbikes and vehicles. One must keep one’s eyes wide open not only to capture all the special moments, but to live to tell about it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Suzanne and hope to meet up with her in another part of the world.