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Hello, I am based in Agra where Taj Mahal is located. As a fun fact I can see the Taj Mahal from my roof top! Seeing the Taj every day while growing up fascinated me a lot that I decided to become a tour guide. I did masters' in history and start taking a people around. While guiding I also used to click their pictures which really came so beautiful that they asked me to do a photography course. I went through a crash photography course and practised my skills at the Taj , Agra fort and around the streets of the city. During that time I figured out all the possible spots from where one can take the best picture with the best light and incorporate it in my profession. I have been working now for last 8 years and have worked with big travel agency like Abercrombie& Kent , and Beyond , Peirce and Leslie and many others.

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  • JE
  • AJ did a great job in Agra as well as getting the car organized. I'd absolutely give him 5 stars. He knows what he's doing and I'd happily use him again.