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An Englishman, a Frenchman, and an Italian in Cambodia…
…It might sound like the beginning of a joke, but is in fact the foundation story behind a partnership between three professional photographers all living in Siem Reap, Cambodia for years.
United by a passion for photography and teaching, since 2012 we have been offering guided photography workshops throughout Cambodia and beyond. Since the very beginning, we’ve operated under the mantra of “By Photographers. For Photographers” and so all of our tours are built from the ground up with photographers in mind. We aim to capture the best light and skip the crowds, and with every member of our team having lived in Cambodia for multiple years, our extensive local knowledge and long-standing relationships enable us to provide an unrivalled experience to all of our guests.
Skilled in a variety of styles from portrait to landscape, and from street to night photography, we’ve now shared our unique approach, technical knowledge and passion for photography with over 2,000 happy guests; we hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable adventure of your own – we can’t wait to share our insider knowledge to help you capture incredible images of this amazing country!

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  • Jürgen
  • Cambodia is so much more than just Temples
    I spent two amazing days with RB in and around Ankor in December 2022. This was my most photographically rewarding 2 days of travelling and photography ever. RB was constantly focused on helping me get the best shots and the most out of my camera settings. I learnt a lot about light, composition and Regis pointed out many angles and subjects I would have totally missed. He was encouraging and 100% focused on my process yet allowed me the space to be creative in my own way. On both days, I hardly noticed the crowds of peak season as RB was so skilled at avoiding the crowds through his timed visits to get the best light and uncluttered scenes at each site. We did not only shoot temples but also local workers, monasteries, alms giving, water blessings by monks and the picking of water lillies. RB was able to guide me through portraiture and candid moments which kept materialising before my eyes due mainly to the locals being so comfortable with him. With RB able to speak Khmer, it helped me to photograph people in a more natural way as they interacted with us. By the end of the two days it felt like travelling with an old friend. I would love to do it all again or do another photo tour with him at a different location. If you have limited time and want to seriously photograph Angkor and ist surroundings as well as Cambodian culture, then I highly recommend going shooting with RB.