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I am a published photographer with over 25 years of experience.

I have spent much of my life moving from one country to the next. India, England, France, Australia and the US. And now the sun-drenched Pacific coastline of Mexico. “Moving around so much you become aware of how we seem to be moving towards a homogenous global culture of sorts.”

Progress so often seems to translate as the adoption of the Western way of life. “I’ve always been fascinated by the cultures and sub-cultures of our society and how photography is a way to capture them both as they are but, more importantly, if that is no longer possible: as they once were.”

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  • Gary
  • Jun 3, 2021
  • Cool presentation and great insights. I enjoyed the talk.

  • Naas Photography Group
  • Our photography group thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. JS's images were amazing and really told a story. He explained his ideas and processes in a clear and concise manner. It took us out of our usual realm of Irish landscapes to see some stunning Mexican cultural images