Posted on 27/05/2021
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12: July 1st 2021: Italy - Does a single shot tell the whole story?

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From North to South, from East to West, Italy has no secrets from Max Peef. He chooses to go by this nick name because if he had chosen to work under his real name, Massimo Fiorillo, in Milan in the early 90s he wouldn’t have had any attention from the fashion editors and art directors! Max lives in Tuscany and is Italian, though professionally he was born in London. He has always wanted to take photographs from the moment he finished studying and life asked him to choose which road to take.

The ‘Bel Paese’ or ‘beautiful land’ as Italy is otherwise known, is the best open-air set ever. It is creative, it's fun, it's multifaceted and it's unique. Max will take you through the whole process of how to build a photo story. It doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have a story to tell. His talk takes you on different journeys from Milan to Puglia, Rome, Genoa and through Tuscany, covering the construction and the actions needed to build and organise stories wherever you are. He will share his tips and tricks on building and editing - the subject and location often interchangeable to get the result and how to follow the subject in the context in which it is inserted and the choice of shooting points. A city can become the subject of a story, and how a character can be filmed to tell it. He will talk about the use of the tripod and the polarising and skyline filters and his techniques to back up his motto that "a single shot cannot tell the whole story".

Accredited to the United Nations and collaborating with the Italian Ministry of Defense, and the Office of the Chief of Staff of Defense Max has undertaken commissions in South Africa, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and on and on.... His work has been published in numerous Italian and foreign press publications, such as Vanity Fair, Casa Vogue and Flair. Max loves to expose stories of the world, maintaining that there is a wonderful story within each of us.


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