Dec 19, 19

Customer Review

Morocco - A Fes Half Day Photo Walk

It was a treat to spend a half day with a local photographer in Fes.  

After a discussion of my skill level and some tips about using my camera on manual, which I rarely do, we ambled through the medina.    



There was so much I wouldn’t have seen or photographed, without this photo walk! We lingered at the intersection of walkways, waiting to see who would walk by and enrich our photos.   

We watched life in the medina and tweaked my settings when we walked through deep shadow and out into bright light, a challenge of photography in the medina.  



As we walked, he helped me see who would be happy to be photographed, because they had enough confidence to be in a photo and who would not be happy with that attention.  

I respected his sensitivity to the local people, particularly when we wanted to photograph a woman of the Amazigh, with her facial tattoos.  The local photographer purchased milk for her as an incentive to be photographed, instead of offering her money.  The transaction pleased her and the photo has certainly pleased me.   


All photos and text by Dotty Danforth




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