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M.Photog. NZIPP

For me, being a photographer is an extension of who I am.

It's my delight to share what I've learnt over the past 30 years as a professional photographer, with people who wish to enjoy their photography too.

I have an inner excitement when I hold a camera - I'm out and about to see the world in a fresh new way, every time I go out! What's going to inspire me today? What will I capture to treasure forever?

I come alive photographing - capturing this amazing world around us. Join me and together we can experience new ways to enjoy our world with our cameras.

During my years as a professional photographer, I have enjoyed a variety of genres, and have been blessed with some awards along the way:

I have a Master of Photography title (M.Photog) from the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers, with 2 Gold Bars (the equivalent of winning the same title 2 more times).
I received 1st (twice) in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International worldwide competition. I also received 2nd four times in the same competition.
I had a range of Greeting cards published in the UK with images of cats and dogs, which won a Henry Award for best range of Photographic Images.
I have had a range of books, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, posters etc licensed with my cat and dog photos on a range of products worldwide.