Posted on 2019-05-08

France - Lavender Fields of Provence

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Join me in photographing the iconic, fragrant fields of lavender. We will be ready to shoot just before sunrise as the morning light awakens the landscape of endless rows of purple, pink sage, and green trees against the Provencal sky. With this as your backdrop, you can't help but feel creative, ready to perfect your composition while working on your exposure, focus and depth of field. It is truly a magical place.

After a full morning, we will then take an hour break for lunch in a quaint nearby village. Over lunch we can review your morning session and I can answer any questions you may still have - as well as critique images or delve into post-production techniques.

Since the daylight is long in Provence, we will take a break before our late afternoon and evening sessions.

Heading out for the 2nd part of the day we will make a surprise stop at one of my favorite photo-rich scenes. Then back to the lavender fields where late afternoon and evening can bring some of the most picturesque skies you could imagine - a photographer's dream.

Add-ons: I'm open to customizing your itinerary with add-on days (or half-days) including other photographic Provence locations.

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  • Photo Tour


  • Western Europe


  • Largely landscapes
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Photograph Fields of Lavender


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July 2 - July 11, 2020


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  • Pro photographer
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  • Post experience mentoring

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Lavender Fields, Provence France, Photo Tour, Photograph Lavender, Composition

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Canon 5ds r, EF Lenses, Gitzo Tripod, Lee Filters

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