Posted on 2023-02-06

Delhi's Famous Landmark Tours

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New Delhi - one of the most culturally diverse states and the capital of India, Delhi is famous for its multicultural cuisines, bazaars, and most importantly, its many historically rich & unique architectural designs. Although a modern metropolitan city, Delhi has 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites, allowing the photographers today too, to capture the historical beauty of the city.

• Delhi's Famous City Landmarks Tour: 

With a population of about 19 million, Delhi has been one of the longest-serving capitals and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. And so, it is one of the best places to visit if you enjoy street photography and architectural photography.

Old Delhi: Beyond Chandni Chowk - The vibrant bazaar of Chandni Chowk in the neighbourhood of Old Delhi is filled with food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls, making it one of the best places in Delhi for street photography. The photographers have an opportunity to capture portraits, as well as action shots of local chefs, and more.

Humayun's Tomb: Built in 1570, Humayun's tomb is one of the most beautiful architectural designs of the Mughal-era and the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent, covering a vast area of 27.04 ha. Humayun's tomb is also one of the 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites in Delhi, allowing photographers to capture beautiful architectural landscape images, along with the intricate details of the building. 

Jama Masjid: Completed in 1656 AD, Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India. It's a great place for architectural as well as street photography. You can capture candid moments of devotion of people, & portraits, along with the magnificent minarets of the mosque. 

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  • Jürgen
  • Dec 13, 2023
  • I spent four amazing days with VS in Pushkar during the Camel Fair and Religious Processions as well as one day in Delhi photographing the iconic buildings there in November and December 2023. This were my most photographically rewarding days of experiencing Rajasthani culture and photography ever. VS was constantly focused on helping me get the best shots and the most out of my camera settings. I learnt a lot about light, composition, shooting with tilt screen upwards and downwards and the effects of different forms of white balance settings and VS pointed out many angles and subjects I would have totally missed. He was encouraging and 100% focused on my photographic growth yet allowing me the space to be creative in my own way. On all days, I hardly noticed the crowds of peak season in Pushkar as VS was so skilled at avoiding the crowds through his timed visits to get the best light and uncluttered scenes at each site. We did not only shoot camel herders, musicians and snake charmers and rural people but also an bathers and an Arthi at Pushkar Lake. VS was able to guide me through portraiture and candid moments which kept materialising before my eyes due mainly to the locals being so comfortable with him. With VS able to speak Marwari, it helped me to photograph people in a more natural way as they interacted with us. By the end of the five days it felt like travelling with an old friend. I would love to do it all again or do another photo tour with him at a different location. If you have limited time and want to seriously photograph Pushkar and Delhi, then I highly recommend going shooting with VS.He is a very critical teacher and demanding but you will definitely profit to a great extent from his photographic advice.


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