Posted on 20/03/2020
Alfonso Alfonso

Travel Photographer's Essential Guide Book

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Download my free e-book to help you master travel photography. It will be your perfect guide when exploring the many genres of travel photography.

Learn how to tackle each genre of travel photography differently. Each one requiring a different set of skills and gear.

From Landscapes in rural escapes to Cityscapes in urban jungles, the book promises to inspire and educate.

Discover the many sub genres of how to photograph astrophotography, night photography in cities, seascapes, waterfalls, mountains and more.....

With people or portrait photography, you will see the value of interacting with locals on a positive level. Street Portraits with permission or unobtrusive street scenes to capture an ambiance of a place in time, the experience will help you grow as an empathetic shooter.

Of course for all you geek freaks out there, I will show how it’s done technically and what gear was used to achieve style and simplicity.
Unleash Your Creativity with me on this learning adventure of self discovery & visual expression.

Finally the book ends with editing tips in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other useful plug ins.

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