Posted on 2020-06-08

Australia - Sydney

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I am an internationally recognised street photographer with a distinctive style and well known for my ability to get close to my subjects. Explore some of Sydney's sites along with some famous Sydney's street photography 'haunts'.


  • Australia & New Zealand

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  • Professional Photographer

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Street Photography Sydney Australia

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Fujifilm Xt2, x100v and x70


  • Nicola
  • Dec 9, 2020
  • We were interested to hear JC's talk, as it can be quite hard to find women photographers to speak (at least in NZ!), especially in the street photography area. She was an absolute font of knowledge, and even though women street photographers are a minority, she was able to share some amazing images from a huge list of them! We especially enjoyed the diptychs she had curated - the physical exhibition sounded amazing!
    JC is a very friendly and approachable speaker, quick to respond to any contact, and very open in promoting and crediting her fellow photographers. A very refreshing talk, totally recommended - thanks, JC!


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