Posted on 2019-07-18

Belgium - Hidden Brugge Private tour

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As the light gets long, look into the local Brugge.

This late afternoon tour is focused on showing you the greatest part of Brugge: The places lesser known and the details they hold. We’ll be discovering on a local level the landscapes, details, and side streets that tell the timeless story of this stunning town.

This tour is perhaps the favorite of your guide Andy’s for photography locations, taking in the heart of discovering the story behind a scene. The focus is on catching the light as it disappears, but also a focus on *seeing* fresh with creative focus.

**Private tours meet in front of the Basilica of the Holy Blood on Burg Square OR where you prefer.**

Type of experience

  • Photo Tour


  • Western Europe


  • Largely landscapes
  • Experience local culture
  • Discover a city
  • Perfect urban technique
  • Street life


  • Anytime

When (if specific dates)

April to October: 4pm (16:00) start time to 6pm (15:00) finish. October to April: 1pm (13:00) start time to 3pm (15:00) finish time


  • Other

Duration (other)

3 hours

Languages spoken

English, French, Flemish/Dutch

What is included

  • Pro photographer
  • Local guide
  • Tips
  • Personal critique/review
  • Other (please specify)

What is included (other)

Awesome (non photo) city map, postcards, print copy on Andy's photobook.

What is not included but recommended for the experience

Umbrella if the weather looks rough.

Five keywords that best describe the experience you will have

Bruges, Belgium, fun, professional, personal

Camera equipment used by photographer

Fujifilm, Nikon, advice on all others easily possible.

Private or group?

  • Private

Max group size


Min group size


Non photographer's welcome



  • Johan Peter
  • Jul 7, 2021
  • I did the "Edges of Bruge" tour on Sunday morning. AM is a smooth talker with a great knowledge about Bruges and even more about photography. He gave me a lot of tips and tricks, both about settings and composition. It was a very exciting and learning experience. I went home with a lot of beautiful photos. Looking forward to do the "Shades of Bruges" tour in fall!

  • Daryl
  • Jun 12, 2021
  • Think, shoot, look again shoot again, repeat ??. Bruges is on my bucket list and the bucket get closer by the day I must get there soon! Lots of good advice and photos, thanks very much.

  • Kate
  • Jul 16, 2019
  • AM was a fantastic guide for my first time in Brugge. I've been on a handful of tours that really can't handle advanced photographer. Their "photo tour" is really the basics of using the manual settings (maybe) and a bit tour guide. AM is prepped and skilled to do so much more. We spent a lot of time on architectural photography, getting separation between elements, some more advanced reflection photographs, and framing. Not only is he skilled, but he even has some inspiration photos on hand in case I felt creatively stuck. Not every idea worked for me, but it was a fun approach. Overall he is a chill person who knows Brugge well and is fun to work with. I would highly recommend him!

  • Henry
  • AM was a pleasure to spend time with and quite knowledgeable about Bruges and Ghent. He shared many of his photographs on his iPad, which are quite good, as we walked around. Although we in general don't set out to reproduce other people's images, seeing how he saw things was helpful as we moved from place to place. So I think we would definitely recommend him to people who know their ways around a camera. He also has a lot of technical knowledge about cameras, and some of that was helpful, despite our own years of experience.


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