Posted on 2020-10-06

Morocco - Portrait and Food Photography Workshop

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Do you want to go home with great photographs of your trip to Morocco but are put off by the crowds?
If you are looking for COVID safe shooting with social distancing rules respected and in place, then this is the photographic experience for you.

What it is?
A natural light studio situated on 12 hectares of organic farmland, a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech
Moroccan models in traditional clothing from the surrounding Atlas Mountain villages
Expert tuition from an English speaking, professional portrait photographer
Fresh organic produce, grown using the principles of permaculture

Who's it for?
Anyone who enjoys photography and loves good food
Lovers of nature and getting off the beaten track
People looking for an authentic travel experience
Travelers looking to integrate in everyday Moroccan life
From beginner to expert photographers with their non-photographing friends and partners
Individuals, couples and small groups

A typical Day

You will be picked up from your accommodation in Marrakech for a short 35 km drive to the farm in the Atlas Mountains where you will be met by the owner, Delphine, a French professional portrait photographer.
Over mint tea and traditional pastries, Delphine will introduce you to the different portraiture techniques such as composition, use of natural light, shutter speed control etc. She will also discuss the work of some well-known portrait photographers.
The first portrait shoot takes place in her natural light studio situated in a traditional Moroccan building, with local Berbers in traditional clothing, coming from the surrounding villages.
You can then either visit the vegetable garden to harvest seasonal vegetables and style the fresh organic produce for still life shots or participate in an optional Moroccan Cookery Course. A chance for some reportage photography of the preparation of a typical Moroccan tagine and photography of the prepared food before sitting down to eat lunch.
After lunch, you can either take a short break or start uploading and editing photos before your next portrait session, this time outside using the soft, afternoon light.
The afternoon finishes with a post-production session with Delphine, who will demonstrate the use of Photoshop to select and edit your photos and project the best for discussion and critique.
OPTION: It is possible to add a sunset walk on the volcanic dunes, to photograph the beautiful, yellow, grey and violet colours followed by a candlelit aperitif with home made bread, sun dried tomatoes and pesto, on your return to the farm.

Transport is provided back to Marrakech

Type of experience

  • Photo Workshop


  • North Africa and Middle East


  • Experience local culture
  • Largely landscapes
  • Explore nature
  • Approach people
  • Getting close-up
  • A day in a studio


  • Get in touch for availability


  • One day

Languages spoken

English and French

What is included

  • Pro photographer
  • Transfers to/from hotel/airport
  • Some meals
  • Car & driver
  • Personal critique/review
  • Post production tutorials


All welcome

What is not included but recommended for the experience

A camera or smartphone
Plenty of memory cards
A portable computer with editing software such as Photoshop
Battery chargers and back up batteries
A tripod for the optional sunset walk
Comfortable clothes, shoes and a hat for the sun
Donations for villagers – clothes, pens, books for children etc
A large appetite for food and culture!

Five keywords that best describe the experience you will have

portraiture, morocco, food photography, photo workshop

Private or group?

  • Private

Max group size


Non photographer's welcome



  • Richard
  • Aug 11, 2019
  • Our family of 4 had a wonderful experience and tour through the souks of Marrakech with DW
    None of us is an experienced photographer, but this was an excellent way to explore the markets with an experienced guide and through her professional eye and lens. All of us enjoyed the guidance she gave in composing pictures and mostly just winding our way through the different areas of the city that we otherwise would have been too intimidated to wander. Also, having her and a local guide allowed us permission to photograph so much more than I think would have been allowed if we had tried to ask on our own.
    A wonderful way to get to see and explore Marrakech!


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