Posted on 2020-10-12

Documenting COVID 19 - 3 photographers, 3 countries, 3 experiences

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Three photographers in three different European countries Spain (Tenerife), Italy and Austria, document life during lockdown. Hear the diverse accounts of how they got the access they did, to create these documentations and the effects of COVID-19 on the place they call home.

Edoardo was commissioned by the Florence Municipality to document his hometown during lockdown. This unique access made for some haunting images and stories from the first European country most affected by COVID-19. Edoardo is a seasoned speaker in Italy, Spain and the UK. In 2019 he joined the team of National Geographic Expeditions photographers and over the past 10 years he has received numerous awards including first prize in the Black and White Spider Awards, winner of the National Geographic Contest and first place in Photojournalism category at International Color Awards.

Harald grew up with his grandmother - his mother had chosen a life in the circus. This time shaped his ability to access and become aware of both "the big picture" and his own position in it. In March 2020, the Covid-19 threat reached Austria. Exit restrictions were imposed on the residents. Shops, restaurants, cinemas and theatres were closed and all events were cancelled. Drawn to the emptiness in a normally busy Vienna, Harald ventured out to document his home town in photographs and video.

When Phil first found photography, he found a way to creatively express himself through visual ways. He also realised very quickly that photography is a medium which would never bore him with always something new to learn or a new subject to explore. He looks at the world with an enquiring eye, to see things beyond the surface. Hear Phil's personal account and see his fascinating documentation of Costa Adeje in Tenerife, an area normally buzzing with tourists, yet with eerily empty beaches during COVID-19 lockdown.

Each photographer presents for approx 30 minutes followed by questions and answers on questions including 'Was humanising your coverage an issue for you with so few people around and social distancing in place?' and 'Did you come up against any ethical questions during your documentation?'. Customers are invited to send more questions to the photographers, which they will be happy to respond to by email.

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  • David
  • I found it very powerful - it was good to see the perspectives of each of the three individual photographers and learn about their experiences.


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