Posted on 2019-04-09

Morocco - Fez One Day Photo Walk

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See the medina through the eyes of a local photographer, exploring photography within a Muslim culture and understanding the place that this artistic genre takes in an environment that appears both alluring yet mystical at the same time on this laid-back three-hour walking tour, led by a professional photographer. You'll learn plenty about local Fassi life while you're walking, and Omar manages a good balance between technical advice and artistic insights. Tours can be tailored to your interests, focusing on geographical areas or subjects such as architecture or people.

Type of experience

  • Photo Tour


  • Africa


  • Approach people
  • Experience local culture
  • Discover a city
  • Perfect urban technique
  • Street life
  • After dark
  • Other

Other (category)

Lunch, guide, camera


  • Anytime

When (if specific dates)



  • One day

Languages spoken

English, French, Arabic

What is included

  • Pro photographer
  • Some meals
  • Internal transport
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees (parks, monuments ...)
  • Personal critique/review
  • Equipment

Five keywords that best describe the experience you will have

local culture, people at work, off the beaten track. street life,

Camera equipment used by photographer

DSLR cameras

Private or group?

  • Private
  • Group

Max group size


Min group size


Non photographer's welcome



  • Dotty
  • Oct 25, 2019
  • What a great experience! I learned some photography techniques and took photos in places I would never have found myself. I highly recommend OC's expertise and sensitivity to the locals we were photographing. Great conversations, too!

  • Pascal
  • Sep 1, 2019
  • I had a great experience with OC. OC is based in Fes and knows every alley in the Medina. The photo walk was centered around street photography in the Medina. We also explored parts of the Medina that are usually not frequented by tourists. OC had great ideas for composing photos, especially for spotting interesting scenes and details in the Medina. I learned a lot about what to look out for in the streets.

  • Kathryn
  • Apr 28, 2019
  • OC was a spectacular guide. Not only did he show me the off the beaten path Fes, he also shared so many good good tips.

  • Jürgen
  • I did a 3 hour street photography tour with OC in Fes at the end of March 2022. We focused on portraits in a residential neighborhood and shots of children (footballers, girls in a wedding party, a children's group) as well as local craftsmen and shopkeepers. Interesting and new for me was the communicative approach of people who made a relaxed impression and after a conversation were all willing to be photographed in the context of street photography. Omar showed me how he scouted interesting locations (some with graphics) and then waited for interesting people to walk into the picture. He also taught me techniques for taking pictures with the camera in front of the belly in an inconspicuous way, in order to be able to take pictures of people who are not likely to be photographed in a Muslim country for cultural reasons. He also taught me a more landscape-oriented approach with a wide-angle lens for photographing design patterns and street scenes (I now find myself more consciously photographing with too narrow a frame (cropping also works)). He also had interesting tips for image composition, for example, when we photographed a panorama of Fes at Borg Mellah and we deliberately chose couples as the foreground. For me it was a very instructive photo afternoon, from which I have taken a lot of recommendations for my future photography. In addition, OC is an extremely pleasant person and a great mentor. I can highly recommend taking a photo tour with him. Jürgen

  • Tebani
  • I spent half a day wandering around Fez with OC and what an amazing time I had. I booked this tour at the last minute as I was leaving the next day. OC responded quickly and made himself available for me. When I travel I like to hook up with a local photographer/guide as they are the ones who know their home towns the best. OC took me to the out of the way places and I go to photographed the real side of Fez. Places that the tourists don't go, especially wandering through the small laneways of the Medina. OC is also very knowledgable on all things Fez so the conversation was also great.
    At the end of the day I was thrilled with the images I captured and the experience I had in Fez.


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