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Listing summary

  • Cuba - Photo Safari in Havana One day Photo Tour
  • €350.00  / person/day
  • Havana

Type of experience

  • Photo Tour


  • Central America


  • Experience local culture
  • Perfect urban technique
  • Approach people
  • Discover a city
  • Street life
  • Other


  • Anytime

When (if specific dates)



  • One day

Languages spoken

english and spanish

What is included

  • Pro photographer
  • Tips

What is not included but recommended for the experience

Any device to take pictures with(Camera, cell phone, etc)

Five keywords that best describe the experience you will have

people, architecture, real life, backstreets, old cars

Camera equipment used by photographer


Private or group?

  • Private
  • Group

Max group size


Min group size


Non photographer's welcome



Havana was founded five hundred years ago and for a long time it has been one of the most important cities of the Caribbean and Latin America. One of its main attractions is its people, cosmopolitan and multiracial, open, frank and welcoming. The citizen of Havana attracts the stranger, charming and captivating him with his conversation about subjects he knows about or appears to in order to please. But there are many other attractions, such as architecture, made up of a multitude of styles mingling together in its streets, avenues, districts, estates and boroughs, united by their very diversity. Also the natural movement of old cars captivates the visitor and makes him feel as if he were stopped in middle of last century. This, and much more can be experienced in this tour, in which you will have the chance, accompanied by a very qualified professional photographer, to wander the backstreets of the towns where the real life of the average citizen is manifested. The excursion can be as early as the first lights begin to show when the start of the new day will discover a city full of eloquent faces and interesting morning movement; and/or when the diagonal lights of the sunset that display a symphony of architectural textures and colors as well as crowded streets with tender faces.

-Unique access of places you wouldn’t otherwise see
-Technical help
-Tailor made to suit your photographic interests
-Suitable for amateur and experienced photographers
-Architecture portraits, people at work, street photography, etc