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  • France - Provence, Brittany, Alps Local Photographers
  • €300.00  / day
  • France


  • Western Europe

Languages spoken

English, Italian, Spanish, French

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Travel photographer, Brittany, Provence, Alps, Grenoble,

Camera equipment used by photographer

Eos 5D, MarkII, 50mm, 1,4


Hello, settled in Grenoble, the French capital and door of the Alps, I grew up in Arles where I keep going every year, and I lived for three years in Brittany. I guided tours in many countries of the world, showing people the best of every culture and history. I own a little gallery and coffee shop in Grenoble, dedicated to travel and street photography. Through the lens, I try to seize the genius of places and people, finding the best angle and the best light. Let me take you to the places I know best, or let me know what you would like to see and shoot and I will make you an itinerary. As a writer specialized in the history of civilization, I always try and tell a story or narrate the history behind subjects or nature.
I look forward to meeting you.