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  • Festive Virtual Smartphone Safari Corporate Team Building
  • €1,200.00  / event
  • Grenoble

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Central European Time



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Are you looking for a remote teambuilding activity to replace the annual Christmas dinner or to kick off the end of the year?
Then look no further! A Christmas Virtual Smartphone Safari is fun, creative and easy to implement team building event. All you need is a Smartphone, an internet connection and a silly hat!

The context
Your team are mostly working from home
You face challenges keeping them engaged and motivated
The festive season is approaching, and existing team-building activities are not compatible with social distancing guide-lines
You’re looking for activities to improve collaboration, team interaction and delivery in a virtual world

What it is
A fun and creative virtual activity that strengthens relationships between team members while producing images that you can use for social media, web, press releases and other communication material.
An easy-to-implement, inclusive session in which participants need only a Smartphone and internet connection.
An exercise in improving problem solving and presentation skills within the new context of online communication and in the absence of non-verbal clues.
Team building through the shared interpretation of themes, collaboration on a virtual platform and appreciation of colleagues’ photography.

How it works
Participants enter the festive spirit by donning a silly hat and having a glass of their favourite tipple to hand.
Team members interpret a festive theme indicating what they are to photograph.
A list of items to include in the photos earn them extra points.
Participants elect a team member to virtually present their best photos or a presenter is selected at random.
Prizes are awarded for the best photos in 3 categories.
Takes place either in the office or the home environment, ensuring all team members can participate equally if working remotely or required to self-isolate.

What's included
An introduction to Smartphone photography by a leading professional Smartphone photographer.
Live hosting of the session with support and feedback throughout the day.
A festive theme, for example: 'A Winter Wonderland: Putting it into Perspective’.
A list of items that will earn extra points. Examples: a turtle dove, a gold ring…
Image up-load via Google Drive or other.
Activities can be recorded to be reviewed at a later date or company mediators can drop-in to observe or enforce.
Evaluation by a leading professional smart phone photographer on the basis of objective criteria:
Best use of light
Awards for the best photos in 3 categories:
Best Overall Photo
Best Interpretation of a Theme
Photo with the most Included Items
Individual critique and feedback by email within 48 hours/10 participants

The price displayed is for 1-10 participants. Each extra participant is 50€.

It is possible to adapt your team building day to the time you have available. We can also provide ‘live’ Corporate Team Building: Smartphone Safari Days in your office or town. For more information or to make a booking, contact