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  • Italy - Art Direction Masterclass Masterclass
  • €650.00  / person
  • Bolgheri

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  • Tuition

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  • Masterclass


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Masterclass in location



  • Two days

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English, Italian,

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  • Pro photographer
  • Transfers to/from hotel/airport
  • Accommodation
  • All meals

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Central European Time (GMT +2)

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Art Direction
Art Direction tecniques and strategies
Creative Contents Management

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The business behind photography

The meaning of success in advertising communication is finalized in every effort of the production. What does it mean? Every aspects of communication is the way to tell a story, sell a product or a concept or even a service...
I want to take you around this two-day flash trip along the Art Direction consequence on a product. My journey starts from photography. The course is aimed at those who want to discover the "fundamentals" of this profession and who want after this to deepen the subject and refine motivations and techniques.
I want to take you along the pathway of communication of photography leading the Direction of selling concept.
Photographers deal with Art Directors’s ideas to commit the target of a strategy a coordinated image and any project that has to do with "an idea", large or small. Advertising photography is strictly related to marketing dept., commercial dept. and selling dept. moreover the Property or the Client itself.
Structure of the project
We will start analyzing Advertising photography to reach the first step of a lay out born in agency or from the hands of the Art Directors.
• The role of ART DIRECTOR in advertising
• The role of image and Photographers in ART DIRECTION
• Unspoken languages of photography, outdoor and indoor communication, as much as online and offline (generals)
• Corporate identity expressed with photography
• What has to do Photography with Packaging?
• Case history (On line)
• YOUR layout (In location)