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  • Organising your images in Lightroom Online Tuition
  • €100.00  / hour
  • Lucan

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  • Tuition

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Any time


  • 60 mins
  • Two hours
  • Three hours
  • Half day

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I can do anything from 1-3 hour sessions

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Dublin, Ireland

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Adobe Certified Expert, 15 years using Lightroom

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  • Private

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Lightroom is a brilliant tool, not just for editing images, but also for organising them. I have over 600,000 images in my Lightroom catalogue, and can access any of them in a matter of seconds. Much of the heavy lifting is done automatically by Lightroom if you just know how to set it up correctly, and use the features which are there, but maybe not always very visible.

Let me show you how to get your images into order - we will work on your catalogue and leave you better organised and abe to find your images any time! We'll use TeamViewer (a free app) to let you share your screen so I can see and show you how to get the most out of this fabulous tool!