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  • Wildlife Photography Mentoring Online Mentoring
  • €40.00  / hour
  • Sheffield

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  • Mentoring


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Olympus, Wildlife, Setup, Tuition, Camera Basics

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Fully tailored online mentoring for wildlife photographers. Projects, constructive criticism, tuition and full support available to help you develop your portfolio and approach.

'I have been lucky enough to spend the last few months benefiting from Tesni’s mentoring and I can’t believe how quickly I have seen my images improve. I have learnt so much – not only about my camera system and my technique but also fieldcraft and the creatures I’m working with. Having regular help and support has taken me forward in leaps and bounds and there is no doubt that I am enjoying photography now more than ever. If you are passionate about wildlife photography, having someone with Tesni’s knowledge and experience to bounce ideas off is invaluable. I leave our calls feeling so inspired and encouraged to be more adventurous – and that is definitely starting to show in the shots I am taking. Each session is flexible so we can focus on what I need at that time, whether it’s top tips for mastering a particular type of image (like birds in flight) or advice on to how to better process the shots I have been taking. With Tesni’s help I am building a portfolio of images that I am really proud of and, more importantly, having huge amounts of fun along the way! Thanks Tesni'