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Listing summary

  • Costa Rica - The Caribbean rainforest: search for typical and strange Central American animals Workshop
  • €1,300.00  / trip
  • Cahuita

Type of experience

  • Photo Tour


  • Central America


  • Encounter wildlife
  • Explore nature
  • After dark


  • Get in touch for availability


  • Four days

Languages spoken

English, Spanish

What is included

  • Pro photographer
  • Transfers to/from hotel/airport
  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Tour leader expenses
  • Car & driver
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees (parks, monuments ...)
  • Personal critique/review
  • Post production tutorials
  • Post experience mentoring

What is not included but recommended for the experience

equipment, raincoat, repellent, insurance, robber boots, flashlights, headlamps,

Five keywords that best describe the experience you will have

Rainforest, Caribbean sea, reptiles, amphibians, photography

Camera equipment used by photographer

Sony RX10 III

Private or group?

  • Private
  • Group

Max group size


Min group size

2 (possible a private tour for one, but paying like 2 persons: 2600€)

Non photographer's welcome



The Caribbean is not only islands in a paradise sea. It is also a continental part of South and Central America. This “Caribbean bioregion” is one of the hotspots in biodiversity in the world, only surpassed by the Amazon. The area is covered by rainforest and is one of the easiest places in the world to watch and observe many kinds of animals. Whenever I have some time for me, I head there to enjoy nature in a primitive stage; and see so many birds (toucans, macaws, raptors…), mammals (including three species of monkeys, two of sloths, raccoons, etc etc). But I focus on two of the most unknown yet enchanting groups of animals: amphibians and reptiles. Tropical frogs are so photogenic, with huge, red eyes, or with transparent bellies that allow you to see their interior. Or with bright colours, advising of the lethal venom (not dangerous for people; though we are not going to touch them!); also is a realm plenty of snakes, very especially those yellow eyelash vipers that, being venomous, are also totally harmless as they stay quite and peaceful awaiting for a lizard or bird to pass closeby (of course we are not going to touch them neither!!); the possibilities are infinite and the opportunities to play with our cameras making tele photos, macros and wide angles will be countless (you can use your DSLR cameras with macro, tele or wide angle lenses, and flashes with diffusor). Be ready to walk day and night (not difficult walks, but at any time!) and also prepared for rain (otherwise would be not a rainforest and would not have so much biodiversity!!). We will dedicate to any animal the time you need to accomplish your preferred photo, and explain different tips to improve your skills. We are going to be in a comfortable, but not luxurious, lodge, and the food will be typical of Costa Rica. Every day you will have free time to enjoy yourself in the quiet and clear waters of the Caribbean. Hope you are ready for action!