Posted on 2021-07-01
Tropical Herping Tropical Herping

15: October 7th 2021: Reptiles of the Galapagos - Photography on the enchanted islands

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Tropical Herping is an initiative striving to preserve tropical reptiles and amphibians through tourism, photography, research, and education. Their goal is to create a passion for amphibians and reptiles among the greatest number of people in order to obtain the support needed to address the most urgent conservation challenges faced by this group of animals.

As well as inspirational photos of the stunning Galapagos Islands, in this talk they will cover:
· Natural history photography of the reptiles.
· Tips to photograph reptiles on this environment.
· Making the most of the golden light in the Galapagos.
· The impact of photography for conservation purposes.

Starts at 20.30H Central European Time


  • 60 mins

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