Posted on 03/09/2020
James James

Video for photographers - Get started in video production

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As more and more people call themselves professional photographers, we all need to diversify what we upload to make our work stand out from the crowd. With social media and advertising visuals fighting for more and more of our attention online, the importance of video is at an all time high. Did you know, that it is estimated that the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021? This is a 19% increase compared to daily viewing minutes in 2019, which stood at 84 and before the effects of a pandemic were spoken about.

I have spent the last three years learning video skills for youtube and marketing creation, but primarily I am a photographer first and foremost - I made plenty of mistakes on that journey - and I want to stop you making those same mistakes! And what better way to start than with the aim to help both professional and amateur photographers take the gear they already own and start producing high quality videos for their advertising, social media or perhaps even as an additional tool you can sell to yours clients!

In this 2 hour course, we look at the basic knowledge you need to make video, as we talk about gear, motion, and we discuss the key differences with photography. This is before we take a look at at a short marketing trailer that I did to sell a photography retreat back in 2019 - and how it increased my sales.

Check out this video to meet me and see what to expect:

Type of Event

  • Virtual Talk


  • December 2020


  • Two hours

Time Zone

GMT +4 (Tbilisi)

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  • Zoom

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  • Richard
  • Sep 28, 2020
  • A great presentation by James. Very informative, and as a Photoshop Instructor by trade, it's always nice to see how someone else edits and to pick up the occasional trick too.
    Would definitely recommend James' talk to anyone interested in shooting and editing architecture.

  • Martin
  • Sep 29, 2020
  • I wasn't aware this was a part 2 or at a fairly basic level of editing. A better description would have set expectations correctly. The colourful language at the start wasn't appreciated either.

  • Elaine
  • Sep 22, 2020
  • So appreciated James' generosity in sharing tips and techniques. And that was in addition to the gorgeous locations he showed us. I've always had a real passion for old and hidden spaces . . the search became much harder when I left Istanbul to live in Montreal. So thank you, James that was a glorious vicarious trip.