Posted on 2020-07-14

Lightroom Live! Your images, my processing...

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This highly interactive workshop is different from most club talks! Highly experienced Lightroom guru Joe Houghton does live edits using Lightroom and other programmes to RAW files submitted by your club members as he would process them. We then compare Joe's edit with your own processed file and discuss the differences in vision and approach. This makes for a great night of photographic discussion!

A recent FB trstimonial on this talk from Kinross CC -

We (Kinross Camera Club Kinross Camera Club) had the pleasure of Joe Houghton) talking to us via Zoom on two occasions in the past few weeks. One was on Long exposure photography which was supremely illuminating and the second was him editing some photos from raw that the members of the club had taken to see how he viewed and edited them with a review to compare what we had done by comparison. Both talks were exemplary and we all learned loads, if you are looking for a recommended speaker Look no further. He is down to earth, passionate about photography, a font of knowledge that he is extremely keen to share and best of all he explains with patience and enthusiasm. Highly recommended.

Joe is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom, and has used it since before it was even officially released, and is very experienced at taking people with zero experience through to seasoned pro's through Lightroom to make sure it's set up perfectly to help you manage your photos.

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  • Helen
  • Jul 17, 2020
  • Fantastic talk thanks JH. I loved how the Library module was covered in the first part of the talk and the Develop module in the second part. For the amount of time we had and the extent of Lightroom we got an amazing amount of learning. One of our members has been using it as long as JH and was a beta user also but learnt new things. I was amazed at how there was something for everyone; from beginners to intermediate users to advanced users, everyone got something out of it. Thanks again JH and hopefully we can book some more talks soon :-)

  • John
  • Members definitely enjoyed it and JH's presentational style was lively but authoritative. And in addition to the more obvious approaches to Long exposure photography, JH suggested some styles that many wouldn't have considered, which was very welcome, given that we have a long exposure-themed competition next year. On the slightly less positive side, although JH quite justifiably explained why he believes Long Exposure is wonderful, he did this while showing us just one slide, which appeared on screen for about 11 minutes, during which I could almost hear one or two members yawning! I think we would have appreciated seeing a number of different image examples during those 11 minutes, which would have lost none of the message but would have helped to hold our attention. Having said that, the second half was much stronger with lots of example images and JH's build up to the ending worked particularly well with many members genuinely delighted with the end result i.e. merging 5 images into a very impactful light trail!
    From JH: Thanks for the feedback John - and especially for the comment on the longer segment with just one slide. Following that chat with you where you shared this with me, I updated my talk and included a number of additional images and panels for that segment - this kind of feedback is so valuable to me as a speaker as it lets me continually improve the experience I deliver, so many thanks for taking the time to comment….

  • David
  • Knowing full well that I was using Lightroom incorrectly with multiple catalogues, I needed guidance from an expert to put me back on the right track and I am delighted that I found JH on Clik-trip. The time spent with JH using virtual software, allowed him to view my current workflow and took me through the correct stages of how the management of a single Lightroom catalogue structure should work. With the added instruction on Collections for various genre of photographs, I have now imported all catalogues into one and have the ability to instantaneously locate an image for editing or distribution. I would therefore fully recommend using JH if anyone needs expert guidance as he takes you through all stages in a clear and precise manner.


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