Oct 20, 19

Customer Review

Kathryn Knight on a Marrakech Photo Experience


Read Kathryn's account of her time in Marrakech, illustrated by her stunning photos... 



A highlight of my journey throughout Morocco were the two days I spent with Suzanne in Marrakesh.  She is a gifted photographer, an inspirational instructor, and an incredibly knowledgable tour guide. I was even sent back to my hotel with a homework assignment.



In addition to guiding me on the roads less traveled by tourists, she also introduced me to many locals who were more then happy to have their portraits taken.


We spent quite some time standing at one of the entrances into the medina where I was able to photograph a variety of Moroccans from different walks of life as they entered or exited the city. We also spent time in a tannery capturing the scene as well as the different workmen. As we wondered through the medina and souk we often had to fight our way around the donkeys, carts, motorbikes and vehicles. 



One must keep one’s eyes wide open not only to capture all the special moments, but to live to tell about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Suzanne and hope to meet up with her in another part of the world.


   Kathryn Knight takes a break in the Saadian Tombs in Marrakech...

Photo: Suzanne Porter 


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